Wedding Septemer 15  horoscope

The Union, concluded under the influence of the Pisces sign, envelops partners in a veil of tenderness and extraordinary dedication that guarantees a very spiritual Union.

From such a pair may seem silent and closed, but in fact, this couple is so harmonious and connected on an energetic level that words simply do not need them.


Partners blindly trust each other and willing to sacrifice in order to overcome all the obstacles that life throws them. Spiritual values in the pair are above all, material are secondary, the main thing that they are together.A good time to start something new, including marriage, especially if he's not the first. It's time for a change, and a second chance.

If the marriage is not the first, You should go through the analysis of past relationships. Successful is the marriage between couples whose relationships are tested by time.The second phase of the waxing moon is well suited for marriage and is very good, though a little ambiguous.

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