Sagittarius and Virgo compatibility



Female Sagittarius man-arrange the Virgin at a glance. He impressed by its appearance, manners, easy to talk to. So you can assume that in the struggle for the Virgin you already have a head start over most rivals. Which at this stage do not need to? Do not assume that a man fascinated by your "charm" and he want from you "just one." Do not try to seduce him. Male Virgin cleanly in the relationship, including physically, and a few timid. Persistent unfamiliar sex bomb just scare him.

It is better to talk to the Virgin. Virgo likes to talk, loves to criticize and find flaws, but its own outlook is not limitless. It is unlikely that he will learn from you, but some interesting facts to help if something happens to keep the conversation on this subject, he can gain from you. Well, if you're interested in religion, philosophy, culture and traditions of different peoples. Virgo happy to talk about these issues. What else to do? Show your awareness in the sex industry, adventure tourism and questionable in terms of safety seats. Virgo not only be grateful for this "expansion" of his horizons, but also try to keep away from you: you never know what happens in exotic infection that your Indonesia? Best of all, if you do show that broadens the mind only through books and the Internet.

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If viewed from the side, the youth is - the same anecdotal couple that are so fond of discussing grandmother neighbor: "Why are you trash makes (cook dinner / shirt stroking), and his wife hanging around with my friends?". Them, a neighbor, it is still the man-Virgo willingly hold time at home, plus he needs personal space and personal time, closed for all, including for those closest to you. A Sagittarius woman is not eager to stop the self or tear in touch with friends after she met her "soul mate."
Rumors and rumors are terminated only with the years when these neigbours bored waiting for a divorce from day to day, and the material well-being is a pair of their envy. However, it also happens that a couple of well do without "benefits of civilization", the proposed advertising. They can choose a spiritual path. Virgo is often a supporter of healthy lifestyle, vegetarian, a supporter of various philosophical and health practices and Strelchiha happy to follow your favorite: she had never lived "just so", it needs a philosophy, rules her life.
Synastry says that the ideal pair of Sagittarius and Virgo - a pair, where there is more trust in each other. Because often they spend time separately, not resting a couple and individually.

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