Wedding May 9 horoscope


The couple who decided to legalize their marriage in a day when the Moon is under the influence of Scorpio, will be tested by jealousy.
To avoid difficulties or conflicts associated with this feeling you need to begin to be sincere and honest with each other, it will lead to a trusting friendly relationship.

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Wedding April 28 horoscope


The basis for a strong and long union concluded under the sign of Gemini, is the activity and communication skills of both spouses. Throughout their life together will bring together common interests that will not interfere with each other's interests.
The couple can not get bored or get bored with each other, your friends or relatives. Their life will be a lot of travel, fun activities that they will hold together in a circle of trusted friends.

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Wedding March 26 horoscope


Union concluded under the influence of the sign of Pisces, envelops partners veil of tenderness and extraordinary dedication that ensures a very spiritual union.
On the part of such a pair may seem silent and closed, but in fact a pair of so harmonious and connected on an energetic level that the words they simply do not need.

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Wedding July 13 horoscope


The couple decided to legalize their marriage in a day when the Moon is under the influence of Scorpio, will be tested by jealousy.

To avoid difficulties or conflicts associated with this feeling you need to begin to be sincere and honest with each other, this will lead to a trusting friendly relationship.

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Birthday September  20  horoscope



Fate: In this day are born contradictory nature: on the one hand, they have a lot of ambition, on the other hand, they are unsure of themselves and their own abilities. The vibrations of this day multiply the negative traits of these individuals. A person can achieve much in life, but resigned and simple. If he is on life radiate the energy of love and joy, it can create normal conditions for its existence. However, if he is captured by the baser qualities of the human soul, such as gossip, jealousy and intrigue, will sow evil and causing others pain and misery, its existence will not be enough to bring joy.

The mystery of the birth: Born on this day, confident that they can get out with dignity from any, even the most difficult situation. They were not seriously concerned with the problems of their environment and do everything to realize the harmonious implementation of the project on which they work. Women are totally immersed in the problems of the family support home. Men tend to be active in business and social circles. Men born on September 20, even without delving into the essence of the conflict, give your friends and partners valuable advice. However, returning to the family, they prefer to leave out other people's problems and to completely relax at home other than the imposed life. Born September 20 attach great importance finances, they know the benefits of financial well-being and seek how to make money and to make a bargain, especially in the field of improvement of personal space, which they attach great importance.

When their life is something wrong, born September 20 firmly know that they can fix it and heal. Healing in their understanding may signify settlement of quarrels, concrete help a loved one in a difficult life situation. Using a variety of ways, from massages to prayer, they are able to create a miracle! Therefore, considering the above, they should not be too assertive.

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Birthday   May 30  horoscope




On this day, these restless-born twins, who never for a moment sitting on the ground. Most often, they are doing at the same time a number of cases, easily switching between different tasks and not confuse one with the other. This is usually a very educated and intelligent people.
Their consciousness, too, if I may say so, restlessness: their mind is always busy generating new, extraordinary idea and project is not only intelligent, but also creative people. They know how to live, playing like real artists, so people usually love them. They are always surrounded by friends, as their elegant manners and vivid emotions attract them fans.

Vulnerability organism born May 30 - it is the nervous system. They need to learn to control your nerves, because they have excessive excitability. Sometimes they can come to the aid of tranquilizers, but in any case should not take them too often. From time to time these people it would be useful to visit a variety of psychological training. By the half-century anniversary they will certainly need to learn to listen to the advice of others and be very attentive to your body, without ignoring any ailment.

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