Virgo and Capricorn Compatibility



Capricorn men enjoy all the features of devego character. Need to be myself, and Capricorn will certainly appreciate it. He likes the discretion of the Virgin, its reliability and peace of mind. He is glad that she is not seeking violent adventure. In her behavior, he will assess the shyness, courtesy and honesty. Virgo superbly educated and knows how to keep your distance. This, too, like Capricorn, because he believes that everyone in life has its place and its role, and must adhere to them.

If Virgo works, is its "plus" - Capricorn likes to talk on business topics. Virgo housewife to find him at all if he is ready to assume financial responsibility for the family. He did not so much need close second earner, as a woman, it is reasonable to manage money, and Virgo in this gorgeous.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Sex with this couple is very harmonious. Boring for temperamental fire signs, but themselves Virgin and Capricorn is completely satisfied.

It's quiet, relaxed people with multiple commander's manners. In society, they look a bit dry. In close company expanded and become smart and interesting people. Not too hospitable only to close. And Capricorn and Virgo are always very busy and spend less time together than other couples.

Capricorn in this union understands what real responsibility. Virgo woman constantly about something worries, and you have to be very strong and responsible person, to make her feel secure. It already is good for Capricorn and helps him develop his strengths. And, besides, Virgo can be grateful and appreciate the achievements of Capricorn, so the alliance with it gives him more and moral encouragement.

Virgo Capricorn finds a friend, a friend, a reliable person. To their union it is suitable as an agreement, and it pleases, that Capricorn scrupulously adheres to its points.

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